Cervical Smears

Cervical screening can also be referred to as a Smear Test. It is a quick and simple test to check the health of the cervix. Cervical screening is a free test offered to all woman aged 25-64 years. Which is recommended every 3 ‘years for those aged 25-49 and every 5 years for those aged 50-64.

We will invite you each time when your test is due. All the patients are informed of their results within 2-6 weeks. The test helps doctors and nurses to find changes in the cervix before they have a chance to develop into Cervical Cancer.

Cervical screening saves the lives of thousands of woman every year. Cervical screening is an important part of staying healthy. If you do not go for a cervical screening you are more at risk of developing Cervical Cancer.

Further information about Cervical Smears screening