Repeat Prescriptions

What if I lose my request slip?

There is a form available in the entrance foyer you can use. Please ensure you complete all requested information otherwise a delay may occur in producing your prescription. You may also ask the receptionist to print off another copy of your request slip.

What if the medication I want is not on the request slip?

You will need to request the item in writing by either adding to your normal request slip or by filling in the request form available on the entrance foyer. This request will be passed to the doctor for authorisation.

The doctor may issue the prescription or ask you to book an appointment to discuss your request. Please allow at least 3 working days before collecting your prescription.

How do I get new medication recommended by a hospital doctor?

If a hospital doctor wishes you to start a new medication or makes changes to your current regime, a letter will be sent to your GP. Details of the changes will be made on your medical record when the letter is received.

You will need to request your new medication in the normal way, allowing enough time for receipt of the letter. The hospital doctor may prescribe you a small supply of medication if you are required to start straight away.

Your Medication Review Date

On your request slip you will notice a review date. This is to ensure your doctor regularly reviews your medication. You should arrange to see your usual doctor around the review date, if you do not, you will received a reminder on your next request slip.

If you are housebound your doctor will review your medication around that date and a review visit may be arranged if necessary.

Requests should be made in writing or by using the computerised counterfoil slip. Please allow two full working days. You may send a stamped addressed envelope or ask for your prescription to go to one of the Pharmacies who will collect from the surgery. Please allow at least three working days before collecting your prescription from a Pharmacy.

If you are requesting medication that is not on your repeat prescription, this will have to be checked with your Doctor and may cause delay in issuing your prescription. Because of the risk of errors we are not able to take repeat prescription requests by telephone.