Sickness Certificates

Patients may request Sick Notes from their Doctor looking after their condition.

Non-urgent advice: Notice

Please note that it is not necessary for a Doctor to issue a National Health Medical Certificate unless you have been off work because of illness for more than seven working days. A patient must be seen by a Doctor on the day the sick note is issued or the day previously, as a legal requirement.

Patients who are off work for less than seven days should obtain a Self Certification forms which are available either from your employer or the surgery. Some companies may ask for a Medical Certificate for periods of less than one week.


Patients may require Medical Sick Notes on a private basis for short periods of time, but these may attract a fee for the Doctor.

If patients are hospitalised, then at times the Hospital Ward will provide Medical Sick Notes to cover their period as an inpatient and these should be requested from the Hospital Nursing Staff.

Or if you have been discharged from the hospital and require a sick note, please supply a copy of the hospital discharge note. A sick note can be made on the basis of information on the discharge letter.